Coronavirus (Covid-19) update – February 2022

With the peak of the recent outbreak of Omicron and the covid pandemic restrictions coming to an end later this month, we hope that a repeat of 2020 and 2021 is unlikely. If it should flair up again in future years we would have gained from the experience within our business and be able to respond to the countries and event industries requirements.

During the past two years The Technical Department have supported the Emergency Services, Government, Armed Forces and NHS. We have worked with key industry structure partners and provided temporary power for hospitals, mortuaries, testing and vaccination centres.

Our services and equipment cover a wide range of temporary power requests, fast and efficiently:

  • Designing power distribution systems from mains house power to provide power drops, where required, for the repurposing of buildings for emergency services and medical facilities.
  • Repurposing of venues such as: sports centres, exhibition halls, stadiums, gymnasiums, arenas, hotels
  • Installation of temporary power and working light to temporary medical structures and facilities
  • Isolation wards, intensive care units, military field hospitals, mobile medical units, mini-hospitals, hospital wards
  • Powering temporary structures to provide campsites for the army and emergency services

We have extensive stock of distribution units, cable, working lights, cable ramp. Our team have the experience to work swiftly and under pressure. We are used to working as part of team and will step in and help other departments when required.