Our Energy and Sustainability Approach

At the Technical Department, we are passionate about event power efficiency. We want to play our part at actively reducing pollution within the event industry. We work closely with our clients to scope out ways that we can actively reduce energy use, improving efficiency and reducing the events overall carbon foot print.

One of the services we promote is to activate and manage an effective power plan for your event.

Measurement is the essential function for all energy efficiency power plans.

Firstly, we will define your requirements and produce a historical, comparative analysis of consumption for your event using our in-house power quality analysers. We have invested heavily in state of the art power quality analysers, enabling us to log power usage over many months, analysing and documenting power usage.

We will then produce a comprehensive set of reports to show you clearly where savings can be made. Based on this information, we can then find effective methods to reduce overall energy consumptions. We can further promote energy efficiency using hybrid generators, more efficient LED lighting, motion detection and other proven methods to save money and reduce pollution.

We work hard to accurately match our clients’ power requirements to the selected generator power source to minimise fuel wastage and improve overall event efficiency.

We promote the use of alternative power sources and fuel uses including hybrid generator, solar pv installations and bio diesel. We specify on demand generator setups so that you only need to run all the generators at peak power demand which saves fuel.

We promote the use of LED lighting which is considerably more efficient that incandescent lighting reducing overall power demand.

We carefully manage fuel usage. Streamlining efficiency year on year for our repeat projects.

We work hard to specify the size of generators for our events, so that transportation of plant and equipment is as efficient as possible helping reduce unnecessary pollution and keeping fuel transport costs down.

We pride ourselves on constantly researching new evolving power supply methods and keeping abreast of all the latest developments.

Practically all our projects we are involved in use our in-stock cable and distro which is maintained to the highest standard. This keeps buy-ins to a minimum and reduces overall product manufacturing. The same cable distro and equipment is re used time and time again. You can’t get more environmentally friendly than that!