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The Loxwood Jousting Festival returned to West Sussex last summer with loads of medieval fun for all the family.  Spread across two weekends in August (4, 5, 11 & 12 August 2018, 10am-6pm daily) the festival held on Loxwood Meadow has been running since 2012 and includes jousting contests, falconry displays, hands-on blacksmith workshops and torture with the executioner, to middle ages cooking and live music.  Festival-goers can step back in time at this wonderous event held on Loxwood Meadow, West Sussex.

The Technical Department Ltd are proud to have been supplying temporary power distribution and generation to this festival since its first year.  We have enjoyed working closely over the years with Maurice Bacon from Legend Presents who runs a very professional ship.  We have been in discussions for a while regarding how we could reduce the need for half of the generator power, but also make a saving on fuel and in turn reduce event pollution and the festival’s carbon footprint.

The decision was made to put in a permanent power supply that could also power the Loxwood Jazz Festival and weddings that are occasionally held at the same Loxwood Meadow site.

The requirement was a 200 amp permanent supply 250 metres on their bottom field to replace one of the two generators used for the events.  So this year, now in place following our input is one generator in the top field and our power distribution box built and installed in the bottom field.

At the end of May of this year over a very wet 6 days, works were completed to install a permanent power supply in the bottom field.  The preparation work included the groundsmen having to initially dig a large trench where a large duct was placed and 150 metres of 4 core cable was then placed into this duct.  3 strong men struggled in the mud and rain with the extremely heavy cable which weighs 4 kilos a metre, so around 600 kilos of weight to transport!

Maurice and his team were responsible for putting the foundations down along with the box, we fixed the box down to the foundations and supplied and installed the equipment needed to connect to the mains.  A 60 amp 3 phase was connected, a 63 single phase and 2 x 32 single phases for use for weddings and jazz festivals.  A buzz bar chamber divides the box and connects the cable under the field which connects to another buzz bar.

Massive benefits to the end user are that they have halved their generator usage and saved fuel .  So for the traders, bars, re-enactment area and the stage they are now all powered by the mains rather than generator power which is an enormous achievement and represents a job well done for us reducing our client’s carbon footprint.

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Legend Presents